Music Enrichment Scholarship

The HMS Band Private Lesson Program is a vital part of the students' music education. The one-on-one learning environment is the optimum educational setting. ALL students are encouraged to take advantage of this enrichment opportunity.

The Hillwood Band is also committed to assisting students with scholarship aid for private lessons. With scholarship assistance in the form of half scholarships, private lessons have never been more affordable. There are a LIMITED number of scholarships available.

In order to qualify for scholarship assistance, students and parents must fill out an application form and submit it to a director. The directors will then review the form. The directors will award scholarships based on a valid financial need and the following criteria:

  • Must be a current Hillwood Middle School student.

  • Attendance to sectionals/events

  • receives and "S" (satisfactory) or higher for band citizenship

  • practice report grades

  • band grades

  • availability of funds

Music Enrichment Scholarship Form

Parent Responsibility:

"As a parent of the applicant, I understand that this scholarship, if awarded, is half ($9.50) of the entire cost and that I am responsible for the remainder ($9.50) of the private teacher's fee. I understand that the private teacher must be notified 24 hours in advance of a con flit, except in the case of an emergency. All applicants will have to reapply in August for lessons in the next school year."

Student Responsibility:

"As an applicant, I understand that i am responsible for maintaining a passing average in my classes other than band, and an 85 average in my band class. All work (e.g practice logs) must be turned in by the due date and I must be in attendance at all band events including sectionals, rehearsal, and performances. I understand that I am responsible for practicing what and how my private teacher instructs me to practice. I understand that I must participate in all band fundraisers.

I understand the process in which scholarships are awarded. I understand that by completing this application, I am not guaranteed a scholarship. If I am awarded a scholarship, I agree to all of the above. I also agree to be contacted about private lessons.

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