While many believe the tuba is the largest instrument in the band and would be hard to physically manage, the tubas we use for beginners are ¾ size and easy to handle. In fact, tuba players will begin by playing a baritone horn and will switch over in the fall semester.

Physical Characteristics: Tuba players need to have full lips and a large lung capacity. While the size of the student doesn’t matter TOO much, a long torso (upper body) helps a student reach the mouthpiece of the tuba while resting the bottom of the tuba on the edge of their chair or across the thighs.

Other Considerations: The tuba provides the musical foundation for the band and requires players that are self-motivated over-achievers. Students with a history of academic trouble should not consider tuba as we rely heavily on the ability of the tuba players to be consistently UIL eligible. Parkwood Hill/Hillwood MS provides tubas for students at a cost of $100 rental for an entire school year, but students are required to purchase their own mouthpieces.

6% of students will be selected for TUBA